General (For Newcomers)

What is DEAPcoin?

It is a crypto asset that can be used in various Play Mining services such as PlayMining NFT.
These are the following ways to get DEAPcoin.

  • Buy on the exchange
  • Earn DEAPcheck in games and services provided by PlayMining and exchange the DEAPcheck for DEAPcoin

What is DEAPcheck?

It is an item that can be obtained from various PlayMining services.
You can get DEAPcoin by using DEAPcheck, but you need to create a Wallet to manage DEAPcoin.
Please note that DEAPcheck has an expiration date and the exchange rate with DEAPcoin may fluctuate.

What are PlayMining Point?

They are points exclusive to the portal site that can be earned by actions on the PlayMining portal site such as the friend/family member referral program.
The accumulated PlayMining Point can be redeemed for items that can be used for each service.

What is stage/level?

PlayMining Point will be accumulated by actions on the PlayMining portal site, but your level will increase according to the amount of accumulated points. When you reach a certain level, you will be ranked up to the next stage.
At the moment, level 20 is set as the highest level. Please wait for the future release.

Sign in/PlayMining IDs

What is a PlayMining ID?

This is an ID that is automatically assigned for each individual when you register for the PlayMining portal site or PlayMining service/game. It is required when making inquiries.
On the PlayMining portal site, the PlayMining ID is listed on My Page.

Precautions for new registration/sign in

You need to open the link in the same app that you entered your email address.
For example, if you enter your email address in Safari on your iPhone, an error will occur if you open the link in the email with the Gmail app. In this case, copy the link and open it in Safari.
This process confirms that the operation is the registrant's own operation and prevents spoofing.

Why do we get redirected to the PlayMining NFT when creating a Wallet or verifying our identification?

For safety reasons, the Wallet, DEAPcoin managed in the Wallet, and various registered information are collectively managed by PlayMining NFT.
For this reason, SMS authentication and identity verification must be performed on the PlayMining NFT side, not on the PlayMining portal site.

I newly registered, but I can't get DEAPcoin

You need to create a Wallet to get and manage DEAPcoin. At the time of new registration, the Wallet has not been created yet, so you will not be able to obtain or manage DEAPcoin.
A Wallet can be created at the PlayMining NFT.

Friend/Family Member Referral Program

What is a referral code?

The referral code is a 6-digit code that indicates "who the referral is from" in the friend/family member referral program. It consists of 23 types of uppercase letters excluding "O", "I" and "Z", and 10 types of numbers.
By registering this referral code during the friend/family member referral program, rewards will be distributed to both the referred and the person who made the referral.
Please note that the referral code cannot be changed once registered.

I can't enter my referral code

You can enter the referral code only during the friend/family member referral program.
Also, the reward for registering the referral code is only available once throughout the period.
If you have never received a reward and you cannot enter it even though it is within the period, the referral code may be incorrect. Please check again with the person who is referring you.

You will receive a referral reward every time

Rewards for the person referred are only given once throughout the period, but rewards for the person referring people are available each time they refer someone.
However, there may be a limit on the rewards you can earn during the program period. For details, please check the friend/family member referral program page.

Contact Us

Please tell me the contact information

Please contact us through the inquiry button. Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding the service or the game.