The more you enjoy, the more money you can earn.

Paying to have fun is in the past.
Having fun becomes a reward.
Having fun makes life fulfilling.


Lucky Farmer

A farm motif coin pusher game is here!
Get a lot of medals by slots and harvesting crops! Work with your friends to benefit in the game.
There is also a chance to win DEAPcoin in the rankings!


Let’s win battles by making “occupations” from all around the world into characters, and using the “occupation’s” special skills! A simple but profound trading card game.

PlayMining Puzzle × JobTribes

Tap the blocks of the same color within the limited amount of turns, and drop the "DEAPcoin symbol mark" to the bottom to clear it!
If you own NFT, you can use special moves more often, and you can get a bonus for "KESO" in the game!


NFT Marketplace by DEP

It is a game item you can use to enjoy the game which uses recorded blockchain technology, and it is art work that will never lose its value. It is a service where you can buy and sell new NFT assets that is recorded using blockchain technology.
Get your own work by the world’s top creators now! "NFT Marketplace by DEP" is a brand new auction where you can buy and sell the unchangeable art.